We simplify phone system configurations and design. One meeting - 5 designs - less confusion.

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Let’s talk about your current environment and whiteboard your overall vision.   We want to understand and put on paper the overall flow of how your phone system will enable your customers, partners, and employees to communicate at the highest leve.



Our network engineers will design 3 to 5 options for demonstrations.    We’ll schedule the demo’s only for the vendors that make the short list.    The designs can be very collaborative, or our engineers can give you templates based on other similar companies in your industry.



Once a decision is made – we will guarantee the lowest possible price, terms, and handle implementation.    Our project managers will execute the design and have a written scope executed by professionals.    Just like hiring a general contract for a home, we have an amazing “white glove” process to ensure a smooth implementation


No Cost Obligaton

Our services come at absolutely no cost to our customers.   Our 40 years of combined experience allows us to create one of the most effective and streamlined process of a complex product and service that businesses only want to purchase once every 10 years.

Simple and Streamlined

One simple discovery meeting, up to 5 proposals and designs, save time and let our system design experts give you the “white glove” treatment.

10 Years of Sucess

Our company employs engineers and IT specialists from the top tech companies such as ATT, Mitel, Verizon, Cox Communications, Cisco and more ! 


Deployment By the Numbers

Below is an example of our reach and experience in the last 10 years.    

Phone system extentions provisioned

Phone systems designs implemented

Whiteboarding Sessions

Daily Configuration changes

Success Stories

“As engineers we are not familiar with all of the different aspects and features of a phone system for our new department. The team here really helped walk us through all the options, call recording, forwarding and those “press 1 for sales” options. They gave us 3 different options and it was easy”

Mark Kassey

CIO Southwest Civil Corps

“Our accounting firm was able to quickly transition our old copper wire phones to a mobile focused setup that allowed everyone to work from home, not miss any calls, get our voicemails via email, and text using tablets. They know their stuff and had everything working in just a few days”

Steve Waller

CEO Coughlands Accounting Firm

“We cringe when dealing with tech sales people. Our design team had a single white boarding session, put together the options on a PDF detailing what we needed with 4 options. No annoying sales calls and 40 page contracts. We got a system with no contract and works anywhere there is internet.”

Jordan Archibald

Call Center Manager - Hunt Group